Classic lightweight Djembe (11 inch)


The Classic Djembe is our full-sized Indo djembe with voice and range comparable to a larger drum. You get the best of both worlds in these models, with a comfortable playing surface and good voice, balanced with a slimmer shell that’s easy to transport and stow. The ideal choice for those looking to dive into the djembe on a budget. This is a great djembe for teenagers, beginners, and adult workshops too.
The Classic Plus is one step closer to the a full sized African djembe experience, with even more voice, to last you longer into your djembe career. Includes a practice hat.



This djembe is light and easy to transport, boasting a surprising voice for its size.
Ideal for: young drummers aged 10 – 14 years, or adults looking for a smaller traveler’s drum.
The 9.5 inch is closer to the full size djembe experience, making it a popular travel companion.

Wood :: Mahogany Height :: 60cm Diameter :: 11″
Weight :: 6.5 – 7.5 kg Skin :: Goat skin (natural, not bleached!)
Suitable for :: Ages 12 years and above

Colour of wood will vary. Includes a practice hat.


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