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Mindful practice of West African drumming. Watch anywhere. Anytime.

Watch our videos at home to immerse yourself in West African culture. Develop a mindful practice while having fun and learning a new skill. 

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Mind the Beats

Always wanted to learn the djembe? We have developed some rocking content which you can access with a monthly subscription, giving you the flexibility to come and go as you please.

Prefer a structured program? Check out our courses which provide a suggested lesson plan allowing you to develop your skills in a structured way. Bonus information and practice tips will be also be included. 

By paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and without judgement we can improve our well-being and mental health. 

Drumming provides a range of benefits: brings joy, relaxation, stress relief, improves focus, keeps your brain active, reduces anxiety and calms the mind. 

And above all, it’s fun!



Our Programs

Drumming for individuals

  • Unlimited access to all content on the site with monthly subscription.
  • Structured lesson plans to build skills.
  • Djembe lessons for beginner and intermediate levels.
  • Access to West African dance and mindful activities.
  • From 5 mins to 1 hr lessons.
  • Additional content added regularly.
  • Subscribe for a year to save!


Sessions for kids

  • Drumming and dance classes for kids and other community groups.
  • Use various percussion instruments including kitchen utensils!
  • Simple fun exercises to improve co-ordination, knowledge of music and rhythms.
  • Structured lesson plan to build skills.
  • Percussion brain breaks and fun activities.
  • All sessions online and on-demand.


Finding inner peace

Benefits of a mindful practice

More and more evidence is available on the beneficial effects of a mindful practice. It can help across all facets of life and one of the ways to practice mindfulness is through drumming. Key benefits are: Reduced stress, anxiety, improved sleep quality, improved mental health and overall well-being.

Mindful foundations

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